transformatie genieloods prijsvraaginzending

Opdrachtgever: Kunstfort Vijfhuizen
Omvang: 540 m²
Bouwkosten: € 336.280
Ontwerp: feb - maart 2010

Although the Museum as building type has become an art in itself, we believe that the art lies in facilitating the interaction between art and its viewer.  Because the Fort is itself a monument, we chose to introduce a third element which highlights the existing building while creating a hospitable environment in which to mount exhibitions of varying natures. By placing a box within the box, like Russian nesting dolls, we create two levels of tension: the dialogue between the two structures and a heightened sense of expectation toward the actual exhibition spaces.

The space created between the boxes serves the public functions and is the area of intervention.  The inner box is not entirely symmetrically placed creating a dynamic in between space with a variety of proportions. A narrow band of circulation encircles the box and broadens at one end to house the café and entrance functions. The counter is strategically located to serve both the ticket office and the café, making it possible to run the whole establishment with only one person. In the café, the floor above drops away and the space is open to the ceiling above. The hall at the far end can function as a service entrance as well as a window display to lend some insight into the function of the otherwise closed building. The proximity of the older structure in the circulation highlights it by making it an intimate part of the experience rather than a distant backdrop.

Two issues need to be addressed in order to transform the existing building into a museum: the original building has no insulation and the second floor is unusable because the constructive tension ‘cables’ are too low. In order create a second floor gallery space, we propose to drop beams holding the upper floor by 60cm. This is the only intervention into the existing structure and would require no more than a few additional holes in each of the existing columns. To create more height for ground floor space we suggest to dig out 1.3m of the ground floor. The entrance, café, toilets, garderobe and lift are on the original ground floor and the exhibition spaces can be reached by going up or down. The circulation provides secondary routes thru the exhibition areas and allows for a various configurations of sequencing the exhibitions.