Toeristische kust locatie, prijsvraaginzending, Pärnu Estland

Opdrachtgever: Europan

‘After the restoration of independence there was a void in city planning.’  Mart Kalm

‘Suur Nauding’ makes a plea for a sensible extension to the city of Pärnu regarding local landscape conditions and allowing a gradual development respecting the beautiful site. The strategy chosen grants a wide range of densities and programmatic infill. The proposal combines the internal qualities of closed city blocks with the spatial opportunities of a slab-layout. The blocks will each be of a specific character, inside as well as outside. Housing in this way visitors ranging from juveniles whose main goal in life is to party as much as possible, to people with more elderly-specific preferences. The internal structure of the blocks is based on a basic unit of 5.40 x 10.80 m that in different arrangements can be organised from family houses to single hotel units. Through transformation in time the blocks can be customised to the needs of a certain era.

The housing blocks are based on a 5.40 x 5.40 m grid. A basic unit consists of two grid modules with a central staircase and two shafts. With a minimum intervention a maximum of types can be generated. In this way bedrooms can be made completely separated or with joint facilities. A unit can house a private garage or a sauna or both. Living rooms can be combined with kitchens etc. The organisation of the staircases also creates the option of a split-level unit. In combining these different units a wide variety of possibilities can be created. Balconies can be added, open or glazed, private or shared changing in this way the image of the buildings.