Prijsvraaginzending, Markermeer

Opdrachtgever: College Ziekenhuisbouw
Omvang: 36.750 m² en 17 boten van diverse afmetingen
Ontwerp: jun-aug 2004
In samenwerking met: Twijnstra Gudde

In Holland there is one element abundantly present: water.
The healing power of water has long been recognised. So if one considers an environment for people that need healing, the scope can and should be wider than just the actual hospital building. The healing environment of this hospital is something that can be perceived on different levels; in the wide horizon of the chosen site, in the organisation principle of the hospital, the atmosphere of public spaces used by patients, staff and visitors, and in medical treatment as a journey to health that should be as pleasant as possible.

Using boats as nursing wards, outpatient care units and additional healthcare functions makes the Floating Doctors Hospital flexible, patient friendly and offers an interesting variety of working conditions to the staff. All boat units are inherently small scale and people oriented.
The outpatient care units visit different harbours every day, especially those units that supply specialised medical treatment for a patient population that is not dense enough to sustain a local clinic (dialyse, chemotherapy, eye treatment etc.)
The floating nursing ward and additional healthcare units move more freely around the IJsselmeer, with stops depending on the patient population. The atmosphere created is a combination of a health resort and a river cruise. The size of the fleet can be adapted easily to changing conditions.

The Floating Doctors Hospital (FDH) will be a hospital that focusses on high-quallity elective care in a positively healing environment.
The dock houses all necessary facilities for a ‘state of the art’ hospital, medical as well as general (including a roadside restaurant) and patient care areas limited to the amount of patients that need to be permanently close to these facilities. (daytime treatment and nursing, obstetric department, intensive and high care units and part of the general nursing wards)
The fleet consists of outpatient units bringing medical care to the people and boats with nursing wards for patients that benefit from the healing qualities of moving on water.
The FDH will also offer additional care that is only partly medical: for people that are in a revalidation process, people that need little medical care but are not yet able to live at home, palliative care, and health cruises.